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Gretchen Bleiler Social Profile

Gretchen Bleiler

Olympic Snowboarder | The Art of Living Extraordinarily Podcast | @alex_bottle Co-Founder |Environmental & Human Potential Advocate

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Instagram Post
In celebration of the path to following your dreams (and the Olympic Spirit that fueled mine), I have just launched a new podcast called The Art of Living Extraordinarily. It’s live now on iTunes. Click the link in my bio or listen on my new site After watching the Calgary Winter Olympics on TV at 7 years old, I decided that one day I would become an Olympian. I never gave up on that dream. Because of that undying persistence, I was taken on a wild journey of discovery. All of my fears, my insecurities, doubts and tendencies were brought to the surface. I stumbled through that darkness for a while.....until I grew sick of being consumed by it. That’s when a new intention formed that changed everything. Not only did I want to become an Olympian, but I wanted to ENJOY becoming an Olympian. And through truly enjoying the process of living my dream, I wanted to inspire others in their own dreams. That is the shift that helped me realize my dream. Through embodying everything that had inspired me to take this journey in the first place, I became an Olympian. It was hard, I got hurt, I wanted to quit, I continually asked myself why I would voluntarily put myself through this torture.....and it was all worth it because it helped me see that anything is possible if you want it badly enough. Plus it blessed me with friends, like these two, who are willing to go through the journey themselves....and when we get to do it together, there’s nothing better. I would love to hear your comments and suggestions for other guests you want to hear from, so please send me your comments!
1,846 | February 10, 2018
Instagram Post
We seem to be living in pressure cooker times. We’re having to adjust to a new climate where extreme storms, flooding, drought, high temps and fire are becoming our new normal. Monitoring air quality ratings is no longer something reserved for those living in city’s like Beijing. It’s something I was actively checking everyday in Aspen, CO this summer before going out and being active due to high amounts of ash in the air from surrounding fires. This is a shot taken by @natgeo photographer @pedromcbride of the Lake Christine Fire that ravaged our Roaring Fork Valley this July and August • Then there’s our President and all of the distractions that come with him. Not only were two more of Trump’s associates convicted of crimes yesterday, but were you aware that the EPA also released details of it’s plan to replace The Clean Power Plan-Obama’s climate change policy which put national limits on carbon pollution from power plants? It was also our countries commitment to upholding our end of the Paris Climate Accord which Trump withdrew us from a year ago.  And the CPP was also going to clean up our air. The Obama administration calculated the CPP would prevent between 1,500 and 3,600 premature deaths per year by 2030 and would reduce the number of school days missed by 180,000 annually. Trump’s deregulation of the CPP follows his roll back of clean car rules that the Obama administration had also put into place- allowing cars to emit more pollution. • All of this can be enough to make a person feel overwhelmed, scattered, distracted, fearful and down right hopeless.  But guess what?  That’s our problem. It’s time to get laser focused on who we are and what matters most in our lives. It’s time to become active citizens. It’s time to elect candidates into office that share our same values and vision of the future. Need help? I’d like to invite you to get involved, follow and stay informed with @pow_action_fund providing you with all the tools you need to show up at the midterms this November prepared and confident to elect climate champions into office and show the climate deniers the door! Link in bio.
1,730 | August 22, 2018
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