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Bonnie Gillespie Social Profile

Bonnie Gillespie

Los Angeles
I coach creatives, cast indie darlings, and rock out Self-Management for Actors with storytellers worldwide. Have fun; don't suck!

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Instagram Post
Let’s talk about this. For 6.5 years, I’ve avoided every camera whipped out in pole class like it’s the most important part of my workout. Even after I lost 60 pounds and built muscle like a superhero, only a staged group photo or strategic mirror shot made it through the evasive action. This is the result of decades of heaping hate on my own body for never being perfect. No amount of eating disorders, self-abuse, or compulsive exercise could fix this. Cut to: Thursday at @thepolegarage just weeks back in class after months of bedrest and most of 2018 spent in a massive #mindbody healing journey. I’ve gone deep within to explore the early messages about my worth (starting with “you were an accident and had abortion been legal back then, you’d never have been born”) and what’s important (having been told “no man will have you if you’re fat”) and how none of that matters (because “you can’t trust anyone and will end up alone anyway”). I’ve discovered that loving myself was not only hard for me for the same reason self-love is challenging for everyone but because when I did dare to publicly accept myself even the tiniest bit, I was told I was “too big for my britches” and asked, “Who do you think you are?!?” Who indeed. 🧘🏽‍♀️💫🦋 I’ve entered into a new phase of my life—one in which I not only like myself, but freakin’ LOVE myself. I’m on board with what an amazing bunch of brilliant others somehow saw despite my certainty they were wrong (or setting me up for rejection to come): I am fucking spectacular, I am enough, and I am just getting started. It’s about to get more blissful than ever imagined and I’m not gonna hide any of it, no matter how uncomfortable others are when I refuse to play small. 💪🏽💥💃🏽 If I’m able to do this after decades of self-hate can you imagine what a flood of self-love is capable of? Let’s find out! I’m so glad mama @drearoers shouted, “Hold it! Let me get my phone!” while Yvonne hit the lights. Before, I would’ve insisted NO!!!! or dropped out of the trick or deleted the photo. F that. This is glorious. I am phenomenal. And this is only the beginning. ❤️💃🏽💫 Who’s with me? #ExpansiveCapacity
452 | September 15, 2018
Instagram Post
Keith and I became engaged on December 15, 2001. We called off the big wedding we had scheduled for October 12, 2002 due to all sorts of reasons having nothing to do with us and everything to do with expectations, family obligations, and other people’s opinions about how our lives should look. Choosing instead to focus on how we FEEL, we knew there would be a day we’d wake up, look at each other, and say, “Today?” “Yeah!” and that would be the day we got married. . On June 16, 2005, Keith and I stood between two trees on the bluffs overlooking the California Incline in Santa Monica. Random spot... chosen due to its proximity to our home. We had told a dozen friends to come meet us at sunset somewhere a few blocks from where we live. We weren’t more specific than that because this private ceremony wasn’t meant to fulfill anyone’s expectations for what our relationship should be. . Each of our friends — couples in showbiz, role models who showed us that it IS possible to partner up in this industry and thrive in love and business simultaneously — brought a flower that represented something about OUR relationships with one another. Keith’s beautiful son was our best man. . The ceremony was over in seven minutes. Our vows were simple: 1. Always trust we have one another’s best interest at heart. Because that way, even when we’re fighting, we know it’s because we want the best versions of ourselves to endure. We’ll always fight FOR something, never to tear anything down. 2. Always go for the funny. Because OMG, if I leave an opening, you’ve GOTTA take the shot! If we’re not laughing, it’s over! . 13 years today. 17 years together. Most of it, 20 hours a day in the same space, building our empire and leaning into our best selves, always surrounding ourselves with joy and laughter. . Continued in comments below and at my blog (link in bio).
350 | June 16, 2018
Instagram Post
Happy birthday to me! I am one year #sober today. October 16th is the day I stop counting days and start counting years. . I'm having some deep emotions about my "coming out party," as it were. Click the link in my bio to read the post that went live on the anniversary of the exact moment one year ago that I texted the hubs and said, "I'm done," and I knew I finally meant it. . While some of you have noticed hints here or there, I've pretty much been keeping my #sobriety private. It's been a mix of feeling I hadn't earned the right to claim myself as sober 'til I had a year under my belt *and* not wanting anyone to look to me for #leadership with this just yet... wanting this to be MY journey only for a while. . I find myself surprised by some of what I'm feeling as I post this and I totally see how fragile sobriety can be, even when there's a LOT of days in the bank. I am so grateful to @SexySobriety, @MarkGantt, @LeslyKahn, @amberwegner777, @communicatrix, and others who’ve been so very helpful as I’ve navigated early sobriety. . And while I’m feeling the discomfort of vulnerability (something I rarely show) by sharing, this is good for me to experience right now. I'll need to be very kind to myself these next few hours (and beyond), surrounding myself with LOTS of support and unconditional love. . Should you be facing any situation for which you need LOTS of support and unconditional love, please start with epic levels of #SelfCare now. I’m proof positive that when you put yourself first, magic can happen... not just for yourself but for everyone whose lives you touch. Make no mistake, I’m sober for ME. But that it’s done wonders for so many others for me to be the best version of ME possible? What a fucking miraculous bonus! . #SexySobriety #Soberachievers #SoberOctober #Whole30 #BigOl5 #Down55Pounds
316 | October 16, 2017
Instagram Post
It me! ❤️
343 | September 4, 2018
Instagram Post
I’ve felt 10,000 emotions in this space. I’ve called @thepolegarage my gym, my sorority, my church. My marriage was at its worse in 2012 when I first enrolled in classes here. I desperately hoped I could bring back some life to our strained partnership. But within moments it was clear; my pole journey was for me. I started out heavy, out-of-shape, sad, lonely, and sooooo frustrated at all I could not do. And as each tear fell, so did a shred of the fear. I knew a future me existed who could fly. 💫 I saw glimpses of that girl as I slogged through challenge after challenge. My biggest accomplishment was not hating myself when I had the misfortune of seeing myself struggling in the mirror. Over time, I healed wee bits of my marriage. I got sober. I transformed my body thanks to #Whole30. 💃🏽 At 47, I was nearing high school weight and hitting 5 to 8 pole and Pilates classes per week. I was celebrating a body I never dreamed I could have. And then eight months ago, I felt a “catch” in my hip. An annoyance that would eventually land me in the hospital and then on bedrest for more than a quarter of 2018. This would launch me into a deep #mindbody healing journey that has legitimately changed who I am to the core. 🧘🏽‍♀️ In the incredibly lonely process that is healing, I began to reclaim parts of me I lost as a child when I was violated and disregarded. And as I rewired my brain’s need to create pain to get me to listen to its wisdom, my body let me know it was aching to return home to the pole. And tonight, I flipped upside down, took my hands off the pole, and said gleefully, “Like riding a bike!” (something I *actually* cannot do, but that’s not the point). 🤣 The flood of emotions that washed over me represent many of those I’ve explored in this space, and I am forever grateful for the journey that led me to who I now am. I can only imagine who I will next become. 🦋 Because THIS is only the beginning, y’all! 💗
274 | August 24, 2018
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