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The mommusic makeridol season 7artsy‍not fartsy‍♀️big thrifterHSPLOLs @thegirlswithglasses NEW SINGLE “INTO THE TREES”

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THE $30 THRIFTED BLUE LEATHER CHESTERFIELD IS IN THE HOUSE! 🛋 wasn’t exactly sure where it would land but it finally found its home next to my beloved old Sarg’ piano Underneath a wall full of 24 cherished record covers I’ve been collecting at thrift stores and vinyl shops through the years and framed in red spray-painted cheapo frames (3-pack at michaels for $12 half off) that were once hanging in a dark room hardly no one is ever in and now living in the light above this blue beauty upon this big wonky unsymmetrical tattered vintage rug I found at an estate sale a while back for a crazy smokin deal and it fills my heart with total joy. all these treasures lived a previous life and that creeps some folks out but I feel great about it 😆🤷‍♀️ The blue bike chalkboard art was there but it didn’t feel right so I’m relocating it to the tv room wall where there is a big blank spot. This room has been a hodgepodge of hand me down furniture and random stuff that I have been grateful and glad to have, but this just feels good and personal. Feels like it has soul and I like it and I love it and I just want to be in here. It feels like years of waiting to find the right pieces... for the right prices😅The process of making your house into your home requires a lot of patience and trial and error and settling on things that you might not love and learning to really live with and appreciate what you got until you get what you really want. Contrary to the Pinterest/IG illusions, I found It doesn’t happen over night, more like over 2,798.333 nights😆 (7.8 years lol. pulled out the calculator to figure that one out) 🤓 Still have to hang some drapes and get a fiddle tree or a cactus or a lamp or something for the corner, which I’ll be hittin up the thrifts for eventually, and sand down/reupholster my chairs (gimme like three more years😂) but until then, If you need me I’ll be layin’ here cause hangin all those frames was a doozy 😅(swipe left for the time lapse and some before pics etc.) #ibelieveinthrifting
7,928 | January 10, 2019
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