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David Leite | Leites Culinaria

New York
Creator | Leite's Culinaria Author | New #Portuguese Table Memoirist | #NotesOnABanana Cat Lover | Devil Cat Tag your pix #LeitesCulinaria

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When you’ve been with someone long enough—in our case, 26 years, which is 72 in straight years—you come to understand that love is cyclical. At first, it’s all passion, yearning, an unquenchable need for the other. But time being what it is, you eventually reclaim yourself. And from that moment on, affection, love, attraction, patience, joy, rage, and so many more qualities that make up your unique union ebb and flow. . . It’s disorienting the first time the other sails out of your orbit. You feel untethered, floating, as if gravity has forgotten you. Nothing makes sense. Old jokes irritate, the familiar becomes strange. In time, the space between you warms and you can feel your edges again and where they overlap with the other’s—a Venn diagram of love. But I assure you, it will lope away. The chill comes again—you lie in bed looking at the other sleeping and wonder, “Who are you?” You find yourself asking uncomfortably “what if?” The longer you’re together, the harsher the winters can be. And then…without expecting it—a look, a quick laugh, the curve of a thickening waist—can make your heart burst. Life snaps back into place, a small adjustment to the spine of the relationship that invigorates, and you’re suddenly seized with the surety of your affection. . . Today this man, this marvelous, loving, infuriating man stood up from his morning work in the garden. Sweatpants stuck ridiculously in his socks to ward off ticks, a dress shirt long ago banished from his closet of suits, a hat he bought in Uruguay to protect his pate but not his ego. Looking at him like this cracked open the shell around my soul, and all that he is floods in. Sweaty, cover in dirt, and lacking any sense of fashion. The season of love has returned.
939 | July 16, 2019
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