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Atelier Doré

New York
Style, beauty, and inspiration for a creative life. Founded by Garance Doré.

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Instagram Post
These last years have been bumpy to say the least. I’ve opened up about it. What’s funny is that when I look back, I started these years in this mirage of the fashion girl, living the “high life” (dumb expression). Truth is, after a few years of exploring that world, I became miserable and I felt very far from myself. Except I had no idea of who I was. So I tried to stay the person I knew. Even if I was agonizing. That’s when life starting getting hard, and harder, brutalizing me into letting go of that old self I was so attached to. In 2018, it came crumbling down - until finally, a flower started growing again on the ashes. When I see this photo, shot by my sister, who was there every moment even when she didn’t get what the fuck I was doing, when I see myself with no make up, wearing whatever clothes... When I see myself feeling so at home in nature - me who ended up being so crushed by the buildings of NYC... When I see this photo of me, here in Corsica where I grew up learning to chat (like literally have conversations) with nature... When I see it I can hear my sister saying “sit here - I have to take a photo, look at this, it’s the Tree of Life” and i thought of the medal engraved of a Tree of Life I am wearing that I bought in a church store when I was so sad I sat and prayed... When I see it I remember when, a few months ago, I made the promise to myself to live in my truth whatever the consequences. And life started flowing again. When I see it, I wouldn’t change anything. I want to thank 2018 (17, 16) for the lessons. And thank the woman I was, who did nothing but her best - and is still here inside (and still wants to steal my sister’s Balenciaga sneakers). In this moment, to me, nature, quiet and conversing with the trees is essential. Might be completely different to you. Allow yourself to love what you love, grow, fuck up, and to change, even if the world around you resists it. People will always judge. Change is hard, but it is wonderful - ask the butterflies! And have a wonderful last few hours of 2018 - in France we don’t say HNY before it’s the New Year so I’ll be back for that 🎉 Ok love you I talk to much bye 🤗
28,054 | December 30, 2018
Instagram Post
I don't think at any point I had pictured this could happen. Maybe I watch too many American movies with a happy ending. Last night, Chris and I didn't know what to do. He was pacing, I was curled under the sheets, unable to sleep but wanting desperately to wake up to a brighter day. Then I heard Chris in the middle of the night. That's it, he won, he said. In my sleep, my heart ripped appart. My vision of a progressive world, where women and men are finally equals, where racism is a thing of the past, where people of all color and religion and sexual orientation come together in a respectful way, where we work together to change a world and make it a place of healing, of care and attention for others and for our poor planet, that vision just broke down in million pieces at my feet. What did people say yesterday? That they are afraid. I have a few people in my life that vote for Trump. Or Le Pen, in France. I didn't chose them to be like that, but they are and I listen to them. They're not the devil. They're good people. I swear they're good people! What they feel is powerless. They feel forgotten. They feel like they've given everything for a system that left them lacking, poor, empty. They've been made to believe the answer is force, ejection, walls. And why had I not imagined this could happen? Because I live behind closed walls too. The walls of my life, of my social media feeds, catered by me for me with the help of crazy algorithms that make it almost impossible to get a wider view of the world, presenting to me a landscape that conforms to my beliefs... But that is an absolute illusion. And today, it's time to wake up from the dream. These people I know, nothing I'll say will make them change. There is only one thing to do. Keep loving them. And live and act on my beliefs like I've never done before. If fear prompted that disaster, then let's not be fearful. Lets stop building walls. Lets look at each other and not fear the truth. Let's cultivate hope, care, compassion, and responsibility. Lets look around us and take each other's hands. Let's inspire and forgive. Let's hope for an American movie happy ending, soon, soon enough.
23,964 | November 9, 2016
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