Marketing influenciador

Encontrar influenciadores por Habilidades

Con 500 millones de perfiles, 60.000 categorías, y 5 años de datos históricos; conozca el motor de búsqueda de influenciadores más sofisticado que existe.
"We used Klear to identify and interact with relevant influencers and were very pleased with the results."
Gladys Diaz, Marketing Manager at Unilever

Entender a las personas

Get all the insights you need to make sure you are focusing on the right people. Choose people that are influential in the right categories, with audience demographics that fits your target audience, understand engagement levels and true reach potential, content quality fit with your brand, and much more.
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Gestión de influenciador

A mini influencer CRM to help you build and manage your influencer programs efficiently. Easily build lists of your chosen influencers segmented by categories, locations, or campaigns. Add comments and keep track of your engagement and program activation.

Measure ROI

You build relationships, we measure performance. Get access to full reporting on the success of your influencer programs. Understand the impact of your program and each influencer on your brand, down to mentions, impressions, and content.
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